Official ranch of ARIAT world series of team roping

By Ruben Castillo | 2022-05-24 15:55:57

Las Tunas Cattle Company and Quarter Horses is joining the WSTR as the "Official Ranch" of the WSTR. Las Tunas is a large ranching operation located in Chihuahua, Mexico. The ranch specializes in black and red angus beef cattle and also has a world class quarter horse breeding and training facility. 

Along with their own mares, Las Tunas also covers up to 60 mares per year for outside customers and also offers frozen semen from their stallions that can be shipped to local clinics and breeding facilities in the United States. "'We have 30-35 mares and numerous stallions on our ranch at any given time. 

We are also purchasing colts and foals to continue growing and refining our program. We will handle between 150 and 200 high-quality quarter horses each year." Says ranch owner Miguel Guerrero- Elias. "Our goal with the partnership of the WSTR is to showcase our rope horse program that has been built over the years by combining big, stout, beautiful foundation-bred horses with cutting bred and cow horses of today. You will know all of the names on the papers plus get the looks, demeanor, and cow sense that every roper wants in a rope horse. The best part about our horses is that all of them are started right here and before we ever take them into the roping pen they spend six to eight months on the ranch being used every day by our cowboys. Miguel's family has been in the ranching and horse business for generations in Mexico along with.

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