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Reproductive services

Fresh Semen Artificial Insemination

It’s a technique by which collected and fragmented semen is placed into the reproductive tract of the estrous female. It is used to distribute desirable productive traits of highly genetic value of breeding stock.

Deep-horn artificial insemination with frozen semen is a technique in which the sperm is placed near the uterotubal junction deep into the ipsilateral horn to the ovary with the ovarian follicle, precisely into the uterotubal junction papilla. This with the purpose of not transferring the mares to other states.

  • Thus reducing shipping costs and moving problems.
  • Reduces accidents during mounting.
  • Prevents disease transmission.
  • Improves economic performance of the stallion.
  • Fresh and frozen semen can be shipped anywhere.
  • Afterwards embryo transfer technique will take place.
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